Your travel will depend on your goals for the best possible trip. Most people think of the best time to visit in terms of dry, mild, sunny weather. The best time to go to a certain destination may not be what you had in mind.


Take my trip to Europe. Most people travel to Europe during the peak season of June through August when there are extreme tourist crowds, high temperatures and, possibly, a heavy price tag. I went to Europe in the shoulder season for 3 weeks in October. I visited Amsterdam, London, Paris, Rome, The Hague and had the time of my life. The cool days of autumn provide a great opportunity for a getaway as the crowds in most of the region die down and prices on airfare and accommodations drop.


Shoulder season is the period in between a destination’s low and high seasons of tourism, making prices cheaper for hotels and airfare and crowds smaller at popular attractions. Many destinations have shoulder seasons in the spring and fall, but the dates vary. It typically depends on the specific destination, including what activities the destination is famous for offering.


Oftentimes the shoulder season gives visitors a combination of desirable prices and weather on their trip to popular destinations. Even though there are fewer people visiting during this time of year, the attractions still offer all of the tourists’ favorite amenities and features. Many resorts offer special discount packages during shoulder season, and just because fewer people are visiting during this season doesn’t mean the attractions are any less enjoyable. In fact, because of the reduced costs and crowd sizes, you’re likely to even more on your trip.


The weekdays to the weekend prices can vary during the shoulder season, depending upon whether the property or service is frequented by business travelers or weekend visitors. Be sure to Google the peak, shoulder and off-peak seasons for your destination.

🌸Stay Positive My Loves 🌸


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