Hello Beautiful People,

If you follow me on Instagram: @lovechyle and/or Facebook: Crystal Minnie Williamson, you know that I am a digital nomad always exploring somewhere new and exciting and stuffing my face 🤤. You can say I caught the “Exploring the World While Living My BEST Life” bug. 

Ever since I started my travel journey, people are seeing my life unfold in front of their eyes, asking “How do I do it?” or “How can I afford to do it?.” 

I created This Girl Can Travel because I want more people to step outside of their comfort and see this majestic world. I want you to realize that traveling does not have to cost an arm and a leg. I want you to share your adventures and stories, no matter how weird, with as much people was you can to encourage them to join the magical never-ending journey of travel.

With this blog, I am going to give you insight into my world. I’ll show you how I travel🛩, the places I visit🌍, where and how to save money💰, and of course FOOD🤤. 

🌸Stay Positive My Loves🌸

P.S: Stay tuned to my Instagram: @lovechyle and/or Facebook: Crystal Minnie Williamson because I give more tips and tricks as I am traveling.

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